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National Demonstration Project

The American Academy of Family Physicians announced its national demonstration project in 2006:   AAFP News Now

Thirty-six family medicine practices were selected out of over 500 who applied for the two-year demonstration project. Each of the 36 worked to transform itself "from a 20th century, physician-focused practice into a 21st century, very patient-centered type of health care delivery system" using the TransforMED Model of Care, said Martin.

The TransforMED Model of Care calls for

  • the patient at center stage;
  • open access by patients;
  • care that is both responsive and prospective;
  • use of electronic health records;
  • a defined set of services offered;
  • redesigned offices;
  • integrated care that has a whole-person orientation;
  • use of e-mail, Web and voice-mail communication;
  • use of a multidisciplinary team as the source of care;
  • evidence-based care with a focus on quality; and
  • purposeful, organized chronic disease management.
Our practice was recognized for using several of the new practices before the project began.  We have been working with our staff and patients to make our practice the best it can be.  As always, we want to hear from our patients any comments or advice they have about our care.  Donna Francis, one of our office managers, led the project with Dr. Andrews.  Although the initial project has been completed, we continue to be involved in the Touchstone phase. 
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