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USA Today

Kim Painter, USA Today journalist wrote:
But one problem is that insurers are not yet paying for many of the innovations, says Susan Andrews, a family physician who practices with her husband and two other doctors in Murfreesboro, Tenn., and is part of the TransforMED study.

For example, her practice just introduced online appointments for non-urgent patient concerns. The practice charges a reduced fee for these virtual appointments, but insurers don't cover them.

Martin says: "If physicians are happier, patients are happier" and costs fall, insurers will eventually pay.

But will patients be happier?

Lisa O'Kelley, who had a first appointment with Andrews recently, says she enjoyed filling out her medical history on a computer while she waited. But she's not sure she'd like an online appointment. "It might seem impersonal. I don't think elderly people would like it."

But Yvonne Rimmer, a Murfreesboro patient with five kids and a job, is sold: "I've had to leave other doctors because I could never get through."