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CPAP machine recall
  Because of a breakdown of a barrier in the machine in one out of every 500 machines, Philips is recalling most of its CPAP, BiPAP and ventilator machines, but not the DreamStation2. To tell if your machine has this problem, look for black specks in the tubing or chamber. The guess is that the SoClean machine breaks down the barrier between the chamber and the sound insulation, allowing the black specks to enter the air flow, along with a gas. If your machine does not appear to be damaged, it is probably safe and better to continue using it until yours is replaced. If you do see specks, order a bacterial inline filter online and you can continue to use it until you get your replacement. Do not just stop if you have symptoms if you do not use it. Either way, call Philips with your serial number to get signed up for a replacement machine. If you got your machine from The Sleep Center in Murfreesboro, they may have already done this for you.