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Are you accepting new patients? Yes, we are.  Call our office to see if we are accepting new patients with your insurance. How do I contact the doctor after hours? For emergencies, go to the ER. For other less urgent issues, call the office and if the answering service does not pick up, choose the option for emergencies and they will page the physician on-call.  If you do not get a response within 15 minutes, call back.  We also recommend that someone with a critical problem go directly to the ER.  At Dr. Andrews and Dr. Rickard's office, you can leave a voicemail requesting an appointment, medication refill, or a call back during the next business day, as well.  Patients using WebView can message the nurse at any time and she will respond within the next business day. How do I get test results? You should expect to get results from every test you have done, either by message through Webview within a few days, or by phone call or letter, within 2 weeks of the test or lab. If you do not get the results, be sure to call us.  No news is NOT good news! What hospital are you affiliated with? Our physicians admit their patients to St. Thomas Rutherford Hospital where hospitalists are available to attend them 24 hours a day. How do I get a referral? Message or call the nurse.  She will ask the doctor if a visit will be necessary or if she can arrange for the referral.  Should I have my records sent to the office before my first visit? Yes. Your physician will be better able to provide you excellent care from the first day if you either bring the records with you or have your physicians send a copy of your records ahead of time.  You may come by our office to fill out forms to request these records.  Your signature is required.  Also, doing a previsit interview for "complete physical" will make sure all your history is available to us at the time of your visit. What insurances do you accept? Please check with our office since this can change quickly. I have an insurance question.  Who should I call? Please ask for Donna or Debby. What about deductibles? We expect full payment at the time of the visit until your deductible is met. What about co-pays? We expect the patient to pay the co-pay at the time of the visit.  We accept cash, checks, and credit cards. Do you accept credit cards? Yes, we do, along with checks and cash.