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After Hours Instructions

For emergencies:

     If you have a life-threatening condition, go to the nearest emergency room.  Tell them who your doctor is so they can update us about the care they give you.  Plan to contact us for follow-up care.

    There is always a physician available after hours and on weekends to answer questions and provide medical advice. If you need assistance when your physician’s office is closed, call your physician’s office number.  You will be directed to the answering service.  You may also call the answering service directly at (615) 396-4600.  The on-call physician will call you back.  This may be one of our four physicians, or it may be another family physician from our community.

      Prescribing medications is best done during normal business hours.  Prescriptions after hours will be at the discretion of the on-call physician.  Absolutely no prescriptions for controlled medications, such as pain and anxiety medications, will be provided after hours.  

If you choose to be seen by a walk-in clinic or at the ER, please be sure to tell them to send all your information to us.