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Patient-Centered Medical Home
  The physicians of Family Practice Partners coordinate your Patient-Centered Medical Home.  A medical home is a team approach to providing total health care.  Your medical home team includes your physician, nurse, other health professionals, and, most importantly, YOU.  We work together to help you get healthy, stay healthy, and ensure you get the care and services that are right for you.  When we cannot provide the care you need, we coordinate your care with other resources of the medical community.

Caring for you is the most important job of your Patient-Centered Medical Home.  In this personal model of health care, your physician leads the team of health care professionals that, collectively, take responsibility for your care.  We make sure you get the care you need to heal your body, mind, and spirit.
As coordinators of your medical home team, we build a relationship in which we know you, your family situation, and your health issues.  In turn, you come to trust and rely on us for expert health care answers that are suited entirely to you.

Communication is at the heart of your medical home.  We will listen to you, communicate with you, and give you time to ask questions and answer them in a way you can understand.  We ask you inform us about any changes in your health status, concerns you might have about new or different symptoms, or procedures you may have had done.  You will be treated as a full partner in your care. We will help you understand all of the options for your care and help you decide what care is best for you.  To ensure we are meeting your health care needs, we will ask you for feedback about your experience getting care.

Your team will assist you in taking an active role in your care, by helping you develop a clear idea of how to care for yourself.  We will help you set and reach goals for your health and wellness.  We will provide information about classes, support groups, or other type of services to help you get healthy and stay healthy.  We will also encourage you to fully participate in recommended preventive screenings and services.

Together, we will make Family Practice Partners, P.C. your patient-centered medical home, where we will “treat you like family.”