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  WebView Instructions: To sign up for Webview, call the office and talk to the receptionist and verify you identity.  Click on Webview on the home page or right here. Type in your login name.  Type in your password. To see you messages: Click on the Inbox button under Messaging on the left. Click on the blue title of the message to read it. To reply: Click on the Reply button and place your cursor in the box. Type your message, then click on send. To send a new message: Click on the new message button under Messaging. Click on the To: button. Highlight the person you want to message, then double click. Click OK. Place the cursor in the box and type your message. Click Send. To read your letters, scroll down to the Notes section and click on Letters.  Click on the blue title you wish to read.  If you are not yet setup, please call the office or come in. The notice that no new comments have been posted does NOT apply to letters or messages! The best way to set up an appointment or send a message to your doctor is to message your nurse- Nancy for Dr. Rickard and Dr. Andrews