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August, 2017: Family Practice Partners is pleased to announce they are again the recipients of the Best Practice Award given each year by PPRNet, a national research group dedicated to combining research with improving healthcare.  This award is given to practices in the top 10% of the practices in the research group. Our patients are much more likely to be up-to-date with immunizations, Pap smears, mammograms, as well as cholesterol, prostate cancer, colon cancer and blood pressure screening than most patients.  Our patients are receiving excellent care for diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and other chronic diseases, as well as being given excellent care of respiratory illnesses, depression, tobacco and alcohol abuse.

Dr. Susan Andrews
Dr. Randall Rickard

Family Practice Partners
We treat you like family!

  • Dr. Andrews to be honored Dr. Andrews is being honored by the City Schools Foundation for her contribution to our community and schools.
    (posted: 01/31/2013)
  • The Patient-centered Medical Home

    Link here to a video about the patient-centered medical home.  Our practice is a national leader in changing how medicine is practiced to make the patient the center of medical care.  Our team of physicians and staff focus on caring for the whole person, provide access when the patient wants to be cared for (in the office or online), focus on quality and safety, and coordinate with other medical providers.  We're known for using up-to-date technology to improve care and access. 

    (posted: 04/29/2009)
  • Best Practice Award September, 2012: Family Practice Partners once again garnered the PPRNet Best Practice Award given to the practices in the top 10%, those who provide the best quality care in the national research group.

    (posted: 03/11/2013)
  • Best Practice Award Family Practice Partners wins another Best Practice Award!
    (posted: 09/28/2008)
  • MTMC Physician of the Year: Dr. Randall Rickard Dr. Randall Rickard was named Physician of the Year by Middle Tennessee Medical Center for 2007.  We're proud to be associated with such a fine doctor.

    (posted: 06/13/2008)
  • USA Today Dr. Andrews and two of her patients were quoted in the May 22, 2006 USA Today in an article about the practice of the future.  Click here for a link to the USA Today article.  We're happy to be one of the practices leading medicine into the future.  Although we have internet access, our focus is on our patients.  We never want to lose that personal touch!

    (posted: 05/25/2006)
  • Shingles Vaccine CDC recommends seniors get the shingles shot.

    (posted: 06/13/2008)
  • National Demonstration Project

    The American Academy of Family Medicine selected Family Practice Partners as one of its national demonstration project practices.   Click here to see the announcement.

    Dr. Rickard is featured in a Transformed article- click here to connect.

    (posted: 04/06/2006)
  • AAFP News Article on use of drug interaction checking- Dr. Andrews is quoted
    (posted: 03/03/2009)
  • The Care in Health Care Ellen Goodman of the Washington Post talks about the importance of primary care.
    (posted: 04/03/2009)
  • IMH PE Links Medical History Links for physicals
    (posted: 11/20/2012)
  • IMH Links

    History questionnaires for acute complaints and follow-up.

    (posted: 11/27/2012)
  • IMH Links 2 More Links- Musculoskeletal Complaints etc.
    (posted: 11/27/2012)
  • Health Care Reform Video Check out this video for an animated, non-partisan explanation of the Health Care Law.

    (posted: 08/02/2013)
  • IMH Instant Medical History
    (posted: 12/06/2016)
  • IMH Chronic Disease Links Links for Chronic Illness Follow-up, Satisfaction Surveys, Other histories.
    (posted: 11/27/2012)
  • HPV Vaccine

    A vaccine is now available that prevents cervical cancer.

    (posted: 06/10/2006)

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